Faculty Webpages

If a teacher or staff member has a webpage, you will be able to click on his or her name and be directed to that page.



Ms. Regina Winkfield, Principal

Mr James Larson, Asst. Principal


Support Staff

Ms. Katherine Culpepper, Social Worker

Ms. Arlene McVeigh, School Nurse

 Ms. Lin Taing, Guidance Counselor

Ms Anita Glass, Guidance Counselor

 Ms. Christine Spinelli, Librarian

English/ELL Department

Ms. Stephanie Morrison, English- Teacher Leader

Ms Alyssa Healy, English

Ms. Diana Ibarra-Sdoeung, English

Mr Michael Johnson, English

Mr Peter Breen, English, ESL and Intervention

Ms Nilda Caraballo, Intervention

Ms. Dorothy Curry, ESL


Mathematics Department

Ms. Sherri Santos, Mathematics- Teacher Leader

Ms. Vivian Vargas, Mathematics

Ms Victoria Konovalenko, Mathematics

Mr. Frank Forster, Mathematics


Science Department

Mr Alexander Major, Biology- Teacher Leader

Mr. John Fair, Chemistry

Ms Violet Falk, Physics


Social Studies Department

Mr. Mark Manzo, Social Studies- Teacher Leader

Mr. John Healy, Social Studies

Mr Robert Andrade, Social Studies


Physical Education and Health Department

Mr. Dan Damiano, Phys. Ed./Health

Mr. Joao Santos, Phys. Ed./Health



Ms. Nicole Lepre, Art

Mr. Donald Mills, Music

Mr. Michael Bullock, Computers


World Langauges Department

Ms. Elizabeth Melendez, Spanish

Ms Ellys Mattos, Spanish/French

Ms Ivelisse Sabater, Spanish


Special Education Department

Ms Sharon Montecalvo, Special Education- Teacher Leader

Ms. Betsy McNeil, Special Education

Ms. Karen Muir, Special Education

Ms. Nadine Rucker, Special Education

Mr. Henock Constant, Teacher Assistant

Ms. Barbara Votolato, Teacher Assistant

Ms. Katherine Bullock, Teacher Assistant