E-Cubed Academy Mission


The mission of E-Cubed Academy is to create a vibrant student-centered community that will eliminate all barriers to learning, thus capitalizing upon the academic, social, and civic potentials of all learners.


We believe all students will demonstrate competency when:

  • A variety of differentiated learning instructional experiences are provided through a rigorous curriculum that communicates high expectations for all.
  • A range of teaching strategies are used, including active, inquiry and project based learning.
  • Provided the opportunity to matriculate through levels at their individual pace.
  • Assessed through authentic projects and tasks.
  • Provided a safe, nurturing community that addresses their personal, social and academic needs.
  • Participating in an empowered and compassionate school community where everyone’s voice is recognized and everyone’s participation is expected.


Expectations for Student Learning*


Academic Expectations


Students at E-Cubed will:

A1 Demonstrate the use of critical thinking and problem solving strategies across disciplines.

A2 Read, write, and communicate effectively across disciplines and genres.

A3 Use technology to find, analyze, organize and communicate information.

A4 Maintain and reflect upon their learning through the use of a senior project portfolio.

A5 Attain proficiency in at least one of the arts.


Social Expectations

Students at E-Cubed will:

S1  Develop life-long habits of physical, social and emotional well-being

S2  Develop the knowledge, attitudes and interpersonal skills to help them understand, assist and respect self and others.


Civic Expectations

Students at E-Cubed will:

C1 Actively participate in a variety of school and community programs that provide experience in leadership, decision-making and service.

C2 Recognize and respect the ethnic and cultural differences within our school community in an effort to create a tolerant and just society.

C3 Explore a variety of academic and career pathways by applying and extending their learning to real world settings.